The Polar Bear

The Polar Bear

The Polar Bear is a walkabout entertainment show like no other, witch is a combination of petting zoo and nature documentary. It is based entirely on physical interaction with it’s audience; because of this it’s never perform on stages. The audiences stands around the edge of the set getting the best view possible.

Our Arctic Conservationist introduces each show with a brief explanation of where polar bears live and how they survive in the wild after which audience members are invited to interact with Bjorn, our friendly bear who is happy to be patted and stroked and can be quite playful! Audience members can ask questions and share their facts about Arctic wildlife too.

The Polar Bear normally performs 3 x 20 minute or 2 x 30 minute shows per day and our ideal audience is a mixed family audience of up to 150 people. This is to allow everyone a chance to meet Bjorn the Polar Bear and be a part of this unique walkabout entertainment show.

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