Robin Valencia – Shooting Star

The Shooting Star, Robin Valencia, is the only female human projectile in Europe and one of less than a handful in the world.

She is shot from the mouth of her sleek steel cannon with a blast of smoke and light. She flies at the speed of a bolt of lightning, yet with the grace of an elegant bird, through the air above our heads. She touches down at her target, a tiny airbag, with a breathtaking impact.

Everyone to witness this spectacle is speechless, until the Shooting Star emerges triumphantly from the mattress with a fist to the sky in victory. Another successful flight.

This is truly a one of a kind act stretching back to it’s birth in the 1800′s, You will not believe your eyes at such a phenomenon like this! It’s the traditional elements interwoven with it’s modern edge that makes this act such a spectacular to behold!

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