Is it a bird? Is it a plane? NO….it’s Mini-Mix of course!

That’s right folks it’s the one and only DJin’ baby in the world. Some people thought that Mozart was a child prodigy creating Symphonies by the age of 8, but Mini-Mix has been mixing tracks since the day of his birth far surpasses anyones expectation. Now that’s what we call a child prodigy!

Although he has mastered the art of mixing, he’s still behind with his potty training so don’t be surprised if you find nappies to hand with a warm bottle of milk on stand-by to quench his thirst.

Rumour has it that Mini-Mix is not from this earth, but from a clubland galaxy far far away where dubstep and trance music flow through the veins of it’s inhabitance. Mini-Mix was sent to this humble earth to entertain the masses and produce music out of this world!

This is truly a unique act never seen before and Mini Mix is NOW available for private bookings and corporate events. There is also an option of having bespoke music produced especially for your event to further promote your brand.

For more information please contact us NOW!

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