Glow LED

Glow LED is fast becoming one of the most in demand drumming shows the UK has to offer. Perfect for Corporate Events, Street Theatre, Parades, Shows and functions they will stimulate you audibly and capture you visually. It’s no wonder they are taking the world by storm!

The Glow LED Drummers are tenacious, bold, bright and loud, providing a unique way to entertain your guests with a plethora of stimulating sensations. Tight musicianship and theatrical routines, combined with stunning costumes and an LED spectacle like no other. This is definitely an act not to miss out on!

The Glow LED drumming spectacular works very well in a wide variety of settings: indoor and outdoor; day or night; on a stage or over a wide area; static or as a parade. Usually it is a combination of several elements as each performance is tailored specific to the clients need.

A stage show can be from as little as 5 minutes to about 30 minutes. For outdoor spectacles, the length is usually 30 – 90 minutes and can combine different elements (stage, parade, park etc.)

Glow LED are perfect for corporate events as brand specific lighting can be used throughout the show to display the clients brand colours and patterns.

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