YOLO Unicycles

YOLO Extreme Unicycle Display Team!

YOLO (You Only Live Once) Unicycles are the ONLY Extreme Unicycle Display team in the UK. Born and still currently based in the UK, 4 years ago, YOLO gathered together the top riders in the country to help promote the sport they love to mainstream audiences. They have become a proponent of all forms of Extreme Unicycling in the UK, championing the sport in the media, encouraging young, emerging talent by hosting workshops and competitions, as well as serving as a think tank/consultancy for anyone wishing to learn more about Street, Trials and Mountain Unicycling.

The sport of Extreme Unicycling is diverse, creative, athletic and high impact. All of the things you would expect from urban sports but the uniqueness and originality is what separates Unicycling from the rest.

YOLO offer 2 key Extreme Unicycle packages:


The Unicycle is used to teach patience, tenacity and focus, all transferable skills to benefit children throughout all areas of life. Physically, provides balance, agility and strength, a great way to stay fit and healthy. They can also provide the chance to learn Street and Trials skills to those who are lucky enough to have mastered the basics. Workshops work best with children aged 8-16, but can work well with adults too. Workshops can be run indoor or out and they also provide all equipment necessary for each workshop.

Public Demonstrations/Shows

YOLO have demonstrated their Extreme Unicycling skills around the world for over 4 years, across 4 continents and have had the pleasure of working with talented athletes/performers in various fields. The shows last up to 25 minutes and can be set up in small or large areas and include an MC to bridge the gap between the audience and the performers. The displays combine the intricacies of Street unicycling, performing amazing tricks with outrageous balancing skills, combined with the extreme Trials side of the sport which consists of jumping gaps, riding over obstacles, large hops, bone shaking drops and balanced, precision riding across skinny rails!

Perfect for marketing campaigns, brand awareness, competitions, team building activities, corporate events, YOLO will definitely WOW every single one of your guests!

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