Cubic Act

‘Cubic Act’ is an illusion show like no other! This truly unique act is considered to be the hardest and most impressive of it’s kind, revered by other magicians around the world. The brainchild behind ‘Cubic Act’ is a young Frenchmen called Cédric Bertox who is a member of the infamous ‘Magic Circle’ and is seen by fellow magicians to be the hottest new comer to illusion stage shows.

These mysterious masterminds and their floating box will leave you bemused and confused with your jaws truly nailed to the ground in astonishment as they distort reality, defy gravity and shower you with sensory overloads.

‘Cubic Act’ was recently featured on hit ITV show, Penn & Teller ‘Fool Us’ hosted by Jonathan Ross. The act left Penn & Teller astounded and amazed saying; “ I think it’s the best big illusion stage act we’ve ever seen.” Not bad coming from arguably the best magic partnership to ever set foot on the planet! Definitely an act not to be missed.

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