Tim – Comedy Walkabout

Tim – Comedy Walkabout

Tim and his many comedy walkabout persona’s will thrill, excite and entertain your guest, from the clumsy and bumbling RAF Officer to his loveable and mystical Wizard. A great way to break the ice and really set the mood for a fun filled evening at your event. Whether it’s meeting and greeting, throughout drinks receptions or hosting the night’s proceedings, Tim will not fail to deliver comedy gold!

Randalf The Wizard

A hilarious ancient comedy walkabout wizard straight from ‘The Lord of the Rings’ or ‘Harry Potter’. He can meet and greet and mix n mingle with your guests/clients performing simple magic tricks, Statue, Mime and friendly banter, creating laughter wherever he goes. Perfect for Halloween/ Bonfire night/ Harry Potter /Lord of the Rings themed events.

Chocks Away

Winko Watkins the loveable Royal Airforce Officer is ready and willing to literally drop in at your event and offer you a spiffing welcome any time any place anywhere. With his classic British stiff upper lip, tales of daring do and hilarious RAF cliched banter he is sure to raise a smile a laugh and a firm salute for your guests. What Oh!

The Red Carpet Treatment

The Red Carpet Treatment makes everyone at your event feel a little bit special. They carry a Red Carpet, unfurl it at any given moment and invite the passer-byes to walk upon it and be treated like the Celebrity’s they really deserve to be. Everyone deserves a little red carpet treatment in their lives.

The Pit Stop Crew

Keeping the crowds at your event moving with a swift and hilarious ‘Oil change’ ,’ Tyre Pump’ and ‘Screen Wash’, before being counted back down into the race with a flurry of the chequered flag. Making everyone feel that they are the ‘Formula One’.

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Catch ‘Randalf The Wizard’ up to no good in this short promo video!