Chachi Valencia

Chachi Valencia is the real
human cannonball from the 2012 OLYMPICS CLOSING CEREMONY IN LONDON!

He performed along side 
Eric Idle of Monty Python
and was shot from his cannon
at the climax of the famously
uplifting song “Always look
on the bright side of life”.
Chachi Valencia flew 55 meters in the Olympic Stadium to a live
crowd of 80 thousand spectators in London and 4 billion television
viewers world wide.

Chachi Valencia,
alias The Rocketman,
is one of two men in the world
 who were trained by CANNONBALL DAVID SMITH and who have the physical and mental capabilities to withstand the G force
of a free flight at a maximum
speed, distance and altitude, once they have been
launched from the MOST POWERFULLY accurate human cannon
on the planet.
The Rocketman Valencia
has twenty three years
of cannon experience.
He has worked with various
cannon designs-developed,
engineered, and built
by Cannonball David Smith,
the Guinness Book of World Record holder for THE LONGEST CANNON shot and indisputably
the best cannonball
 who ever lived. Chachi has been
given the honor, after apprenticing with Cannonball Smith,
of taking over the world record cannon
to forge his own flight path.

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