Balloonatic are a unique walkabout act, fabulously dressed, hilariously interactive and creating balloon art at a level you never dreamed possible!

Your guests will be wowed by Impossible Hats, outfits to wear, toys to play with and fabulously intricate sculptures of things too many to mention! Guests always say they are totally amazed, and never had so much fun!

The Balloonatics bring colour and excitement to any occasion, they can transform a room in a matter of minutes and bring a smile to faces of many. They are very original they never make the same balloon twice (unless asked really nicely!) Balloonatic can make absolutely anything out of balloons! Go on test them…. They love a challenge.

At more sophisticated adult events,they amaze guests with their balloon caricatures act. The elegant girls and guys entertain dinner tables or at drinks receptions by making 3D caricatures of the guests out of balloons.

Entertaining, sophisticated and amazing to watch, the guests also get to keep their caricatures afterwards, giving them cause for much chat and laughter for the rest of the evening! Totally original.

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